A massive overdose of anti-depressants prescribed to deal with cannabis and cocaine-induced psychosis led to the death of a “devoted” father and husband an inquest has heard.

Russell Beddoe, 54, of Wolsey Crescent, New Addington was discovered lying on his back with blue liquid coming from his mouth by paramedics in his bedroom at around 10.45am Saturday April 2.

He was taken to Croydon University Hospital, but was declared dead at 11.57am.

A post mortem discovered 18,700 micrograms per 100 ml of tricyclic anti-depressant Doxepin in his blood, more than 60 times the prescribed level.

Wife Rebecca Beddoe, 58, said: “It is a shocking death, I didn’t expect it at all. He was a devoted father and husband.”

Croydon Coroners Court heard on Tuesday the electrician and father-of-two used cannabis regularly from age 17 and last year was admitted to Croydon University Hospital Physiatric Ward after hearing voices and smelling foul smells.

He was proscribed a series of medication, including Doxepin.

A medical assessment carried out a fortnight before his death found him to be low, but not suicidal.

Coroner Roy Palmer said: "To record a verdict of suicide I would have to be sure he intended the medication to take his life.

"I am not sure he did that. It is possible to take more mediation accidentally but considering the level I don’t think it could be accidental so I record an open verdict."