Businesses in riot-hit Battersea are back in business, just a day after their shop windows were broken and contents looted.

A total of 34 shops in St John's Road, the worst hit street near Clapham Junction, were trading this morning even though some are still boarded-up.

Another 23 remain closed including Debenhams, JD Sports, Currys Digital and a clutch of mobile phone shops.

The street has been cleaned of all debris, thanks in part to yesterday's community clean-up operation which saw several hundred volunteers turn up to help the council.

The most stark reminder of Monday night's carnage is the burnt-out Party Superstore on Lavender Road torched by looters after they had stolen masks to cover their faces.

In a macabre touch, a pirate mask has been stuck on a post outside the charred remains.

Although chain stores appeared to be the main target for the looters, independent traders were also hard hit.

George Cox, co-owner of The Lock Centre on Lavender Hill lost between £5,000 and £6,000 worth of stock including safes after his shop was broken into and replacing the window is likely to cost a further £1,500.

He said: "They came in and looted thousands of pounds worth of stock, smashed up our workshop, stole a laptop and damaged the whole shop.

"Why would they want to steal keys and locks? There's no reason to it.

"We are insured fortunately. But there are so many people worse than us.

"We as independent traders are the ones really trying to get through this recession, and then this happens."

Hakan Yaylagul, owner of Jacks at the Junction Cafe on Lavender Hill had some of his windows smashed.

He said: "It was madness and criminal. They got inside but did not take anything.

"The impact of it is simple- we haven't been open for two days and won't be open for another two days. Whatever way you look at it, it is going to cause some disruption.

"Of course it will affect the area as a whole but it will recover quickly. Everyone will get back on their feet and everyone is being positive. They will react well and get back to normal."

Scope charity shop on St John's Road had a window broken but had nothing taken.

Shop manager Ceren Brackston said: "It was ridiculous. We had to close yesterday and lost money for the charity.

"The window is going to be repaired as soon as possible. Maybe they will fit shutters after all of this."

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