A flurry of activity earlier in the evening has turned into a quiet night in Kingston town centre. David Gair of Kingston police said: "Officers have been deployed in Kingston and focused mainly on the main shopping centre.

"It's been a fairly peaceful night. A few people were stopped and searched as part of normal police operations.

"We have not had any incidents of any note in Kingston borough.

"Police will be here until the small hours."


Police stop four motor scooters in Old London Road. Three allowed to leave but one questioned more extensively by police. No unrest in town, but police are searching any young people in the area.


Police vans chase three motor scooters over Kingston Bridge.


Police have pulled a baseball bat from a car stopped in Kingston town centre.

The maroon Volkswagen Golf, containing a number of youths, was stopped outside Bacchus nightclub in Union Street.

One man was in handcuffs as police inquired as to the owner of the bat.

Several police cars were outside the nightclub, as the rest of the town remained relatively quiet.

There was a false alarm at TK Maxx, in Clarence Street, which emergency services attended. No sign of disturbance was found.

Police told youths stopped earlier in the evening that they would be stopped and searched repeatedly if they stayed in the vicinity.

More to follow.