9.03am: Videos from the riots in Croydon:

18.38: David Cameron saw for himself the damage caused by last night's riots in Croydon during a visit today.

The Prime Minister met with residents and business owners - including the Reeves family - after a night of terror in the area.

A Downing Street spokesman said: "The Prime Minister visited Croydon this afternoon where he saw at first hand some of the damage caused by last night's violence.

"He also met with local residents, businessowners (including the owners of the Reeves Brothers store, councillors, MPs, police and members of the Fire Service.

"Earlier, the PM visited Gold Command in Lambeth, where he attended a Gold Command Team meeting with the Home Secretary and Cmdr Bob Broadhurst

"He was updated on the latest situation and met and thanked staff from the police, ambulance service and fire brigade working at Gold Command."

18.20: Metropolitan Police Commissioner Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh said: "This morning was a dark morning to wake to in London. No one should wake in this wonderful city of ours to see such scenes of devastation and violence. There are many individual stories over the last three days that have yet to come out - the loss of homes, properties and even livihoods.

"Last night the Met faced scenes of unprecendented violence and disorder, from North to South and East to West in our Capital. We were stretched.

"Today what I would like to say to Londoners is the Met has worked hard throughout the night to make every officer possible available to be out on our streets. During a 24 hour period we will have 16,000 officers. We will be out there tonight doing our very best for you.

"The Commissioner and his top team worked through the night to make sure we have seriously considered every tactical option available to us. We will consider every option we have to keep you safe.

"I'd repeat my urge for parents to know where your children are - do not let them get caught up in this thrill seeking thuggery. If you are out tonight please help us - give us the space we need to work in.

"If you have been one of those people who believe you are above the law and have the right to rob, damage and scare people let me make it clear our investigation team is determined to come and track you down.

"I would like to remark upon the considerable bravery and resilience shown by members of our community overnight. People intervening to make their disgust known about the activities of these mindless yobs. Our officers, and crew from Fire and Ambulance all demonstrated their bravery, as they were attacked whilst trying to protect our streets."

18.12pm: Dozens of police officers have been injured during the rioting across London, some seriously.

Currently 111 officers have been reported injured, the Metropolitan Police reports, after having experienced unprecedented violence directed at them as they have been policing London, striving to protect the public, local communities and property.

Many officers are still undergoing hospital treatment, some requiring surgery. Injuries range from fractured bones, serious head injuries, concussion, cuts and sprains, even injured eyes from smashed and thrown glass.

Officers have been attacked with bricks, bottles, planks of wood and other missiles. In some incidents, officers have been hit by motor vehicles, seriously risking their lives and those of the public.

6.01pm: Filed from the scene by Croydon Guardian reporter Hannah Williamson.

Croydon has a much calmer feel about it compared to this time yesterday.

A couple of hours ago the high street was busy, despite all of the surrounding shops and restaurants being closed.

The police helicopter is continuously circling overhead, but the police presence appears remains even as the streets empty.

The visit from David Cameron, Boris Johnson and now Ken Livingstone is on everybodys lips, as people talk on their phones and at police cordons.

Police are still vigilant stopping and searching anyone looking suspicious, although some youths are out to do some good.

Emily Walker, has been picking up rubbish along Church Street.

The 17-year-old who lives in Carshalton, said she watched the horror unfold on television last night, and decided she would do something to help.

She said: "The state of the place has made me do this. I have a lot of friends who live here.

"None of them were directly affected last night.most were scared and left the area.

Miss Walker was personally thanked for the work by Croydon central MP Gavin Barwell, who was also down by Church Street tram stop.

5.48pm: The Prime Minister David Cameron visited some of the sites of destruction in Croydon this afternoon.

Mr Cameron met some of the victims who had been left homeless from the arson attacks in West Croydon overnight.

He also visited London Road in Broad Green to see firsthand the damage done to a block of buildings by another fire started by looters last night.

5.39pm: Croydon residents have been advised to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.

At a council press office, chief executive Jon Rouse said the council was following Metropolitan Police advice.

He said although they were working to get Croydon back to normal it was important residents followed police guidance and only venture outdoors if unavoidable.

5.39pm: Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre is offering to shelter and food to those affected by the riots.

Tanvir Sajjid, of the Mosque Management Committee, said many local businesses and commercial buildings had been affected by the looting and violence.

Mr Sajjid said: “The mosque is always willing to help the local community, and these trying times are no exception.”

The Mosque is open to help anyone affected by the riots, who may require shelter, food and support.

Although the police cordons mean that many areas are restricted, Tanvir said that the masjid will also look for ways to help the community once restrictions are lifted.

Mr Sajjid also praised the emergency services and the council, saying that they had been fantastic in the Croydon locality.

He said: “Croydon Mosque will do what we can to help whoever needs us.”

5.36pm: One father has decided to flee Croydon for fears of further riots.

Stewart Brennan said he was taking his son and wife to his parents house as he feared for his West Croydon house.

He said: “I'd never forgive myself if something happened to my family when I have options. “ He added he understood the police’s actions last night but it meant the trouble was pushed to residential areas.

5.30pm: Mayor of London Boris Johnson is down in Croydon surveying the damage from last nights riots.

Mr Johnson who cut short his holiday and returned to London after trouble started on Saturday.

He told residents he was "very sorry" last night happened and "there will be more police on the streets tonight."

But Mr Johnson was heckled by some members of the public as he walked down Church Street, who accused him of being here to simply "make it look like something was being done."

4.04pm: The Prime Minister David Cameron visited some of the sites of destruction in Croydon this afternoon.

Mr Cameron met some of the victims who had been left homeless from the arson attacks in West Croydon overnight.

He also visited London Road in Broad Green to see firsthand the damage done to a block of buildings by another fire started by looters last night.

3.20pm: Statement from Centrale shopping centre “Following advice from the police and along with other retailers in the town centre, we have taken the decision to close Centrale this afternoon.

"The safety of our staff, shoppers and retailers is our main priority and we will continue to work with the police and local authorities to minimise ongoing disruption.”

14.56: Breaking news - Prime Minister David Cameron is currently in Croydon looking at the damage caused last night.

2.51pm: Latest arrest figures.

A total of 525 arrests have been made in connection with the incidents of disorder seen across London in the last few days. Of those, 99 individuals have been charged.

>From 4pm yesterday (8 August) into the early hours 310 people were arrested following the outbreaks of disorder seen in various parts of the capital.

Breakdown of charges: 63 x burglary.

8 x Public Order Act offences.

2 x assault on police.

3 x robbery.

4 x possession of offensive weapons.

5 x handling stolen goods.

1 x criminal damage.

1 x going equipped.

3 x drug offences.

9 x miscellaneous other offences.

Of the 32 cases heard at court, 18 of those individuals have been remanded in custody.

2.50pm: West Croydon was not sacrificed to save the town centre, according to the Croydon Council leader.

At a press conference today, Mike Fisher denied allegations police resources were given to defend stores in North End at the expense of shops in West Croydon.

He said: “I have lived in Croydon all my life. I would not sacrifice any part of this town.”

He said the decision to allocate police resources was down to the Metropolitan police.

He added: “The police took a decision they needed to move people away from the area they had originally gathered and move them north of West Croydon station.

“Because of a lack of resources to disperse the crowd further they had to contain them in that area.

“And of course what happened was there was then wild scale looting, disorder and arson took place.”

Mr Fisher said the cost of the damage would run into the millions of pounds.

The riots have left 28 people homeless, with the council putting them up in hotels or temporary accommodation.

2.11pm: The Whigift Centre has closed early for a second time in two days following advice from police. The centre, which shut at about 3.30pm yesterday as it braced for the possibility of violence, has again closed its doors early, this time at 2pm.

2.11pm: Croydon Crown Court and Magistrates Court are closing as security requested to secure the budlings as Croydon braces itself for another night of violence.

1.16pm: A 26-year-old man who was found shot in Croydon yesterday is believed to have died.

Police were called to Warrington Road, Croydon at the junction with Dupass Hill at 9.15pm, to reports of a man found with gun shot wounds.

When police arrived at the scene the man was found inside a car.

Two other people, believed to be in their late twenties, were also at the scene. The pair were arrested for handling stolen goods and taken to a south London police station.

The incident is being investigated by Detectives from Trident.

12.46pm: Do you know these people? Police release images of looting and rioting suspects in Croydon last night

12.22am:Peter Pledger, Chief Executive, South London Business has released this statement.

South London Business is appalled by, and condemns in the strongest terms, the mindless destruction of businesses and property over the past three nights. We can only be thankful that no loss of life has so far been reported and our thoughts are with those that have lost their businesses, many of which have taken generations to build.

The businesses that have been attacked are key components of the local community; employing staff, paying wages and providing services to local residents. This senseless destruction harms the local community, businesses and residents alike. It also damages London’s commercial reputation and puts at risk investment and economic growth.

We offer our support and praise to London’s emergency services and personnel, many of whom have clearly been operating under extreme pressure and often at great personal risk.

We also support calls for a swift and robust response from our emergency services to any further disorder.

South London’s business community now needs to work together to repair not only the visible damage, but also London’s reputation as a strong and vibrant economy. Local authorities and Government need to work quickly and effectively to rebuild the local business community so that they may create the new jobs that our economy needs.

South London Business is ready to play its part to support the growth of businesses in South London, and also asks: • The insurance industry to deal with claims from businesses quickly and with the minimum of bureaucracy so that stock can be replaced, and rebuilding and repair to premises can take place as soon as possible.

• The Government to ensure that the business support infrastructure is sufficiently resourced to provide companies with hands-on help to rebuild their businesses and to create jobs.

• South Londoners to support their local businesses through these difficult times, and support the call for calm and return to law and order.

12.07am: Welsh police have been transferred to help out on the streets of Croydon.

Officers from Wales Constabulary have been spotted on the borough's streets.

Meanwhile off duty fire officers from London Fire Brigade are coming in to Croydon to help with the massive clean up operation.

Croydon residents are sombre and subdued with the shock of what has happened to their town.

One said: Croydon is gutted."

11.13am: The council and police are turning people away from East Croydon who want to help clean up. The officials are advising the whole area is sealed off as a crime scene and so volunteers cannot assist at the moment. Representatives are taking names and numbers of those wishing to clean up in case the scene is opened later.

10.30am: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “The scenes of violence and destruction over the weekend are utterly appalling.

"People have lost their homes, businesses and livelihoods through mindless violence. I understand the need for urgent answers into the shooting incident that resulted in the death of a young local man, and I’ve sought reassurances that the IPCC are doing exactly that.

"But let’s be clear these acts of sheer criminality across London are nothing to do with this incident and must stop now.

"The Acting Met Commissioner has assured me that the police are doing everything they can to resolve this situation, they will be making further arrests over the next few days and are working tirelessly to identify every criminal involved.”

10.06am: Statement from Croydon Council - Croydon is coming to terms with a night of unparalleled destruction and violence that has been inflicted on the borough by a mindless minority.

A wave of looting and arson has destroyed businesses and wrecked communities and a huge manhunt to catch those responsible has been launched.

A massive clean-up operation is now under way to help keep Croydon, its residents and businesses working as normal as is possible after a large-scale civil disturbance.

The council has drafted in extra resources to help clean-up areas, make businesses secure and help the community re-build.

Already scores of people have been re-housed after their homes were destroyed by fire or sealed off by the emergency services.

The council has invested extra resources into its CCTV monitoring team so that the thousands of images collected during the unrest can be logged and handed over to police quickly.

Scotland Yard detectives began collecting the footage from the council’s control room in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Dozens of arrests were made across Croydon as the events unfolded last night and many more are likely to be made in the coming weeks as the police catch up with the lawbreakers.

Meetings will be arranged through the day with business and community leaders to ensure that there is a united response from the people of Croydon.

Councillor Mike Fisher, the leader of Croydon Council, said: “What we saw last night was the destruction of our communities by a mindless minority that the majority of people hold in complete and utter contempt.

“But rising from the smoke and ashes we very quickly saw that the people of Croydon who hold this place, its community bonds and its history dear begin to mobilise themselves in defiance of those criminals.

“Croydon will rebuild itself like it has done in the past. It will not be defeated and the council will do all that is possibly can to help make that happen.”

Anyone with information about last night’s events should contact the police, either through Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or on 101, or in an emergency on 999.

10.06am: Malcolm Wicks Labour Croydon North MP, has cancelled his holiday and is returning to Croydon after last nights riots.

He said: "The council have said it is like a war zone and I will be there to see myself this afternoon. I cannot stay on holiday when this is happening in my own patch"

"I am appalled by it all, my main emotion is one of great upset that local people and some outsiders can be doing this to their own town.

"We have to adopt the toughest possible line, police and the crown prosecution service and the courts have got to get some of these hooligans in court in days, not weeks. The wheels of justice turn so slowly, but now they need to turn fast.

"We need to make sure people are sentenced not just for weeks, but for years. People could have died last night, and I surprise myself a little by saying I wouldn't rule anything out.

"If the government think troops are needed I would support that and if in the longer term we need water cannons I would support that too.

"We cannot abandon the people of Croydon."

9.52am: As Croydon's clean-up operation gets under way, more than 2,000 residents have joined a Facebook group to become part of the borough's clean up crew.

The group was set up last night by Croydon resident Dan Hicks.

Within hours of the group going live, more than 1,900 people had joined to pledge their time.

Mr Hicks, 25, who lives near the bus garage in South Croydon, said the group were desperate to help in some way.

He said: "I know the place is an absolute mess and the only way it is going to get cleaned up is if we do it. I initially did the Facebook page for friends so we had one central place to communicate, but after a few hours late last night there were 1,900 members."

"It is going to take weeks and it is not just a physical clean up, it is about starting to build up a community again in Croydon. It is about time people stand together, people really need to rally together."

Anyone wanting to get involved is advised to join the Facebook group 'Croydon Clean up Crew,' which will be regularly updated as things progress.

Mr Hicks added: "I don't want everyone to just turn up and for the police to get the wrong idea. I am going to talk to the police and talk to the council to see what we can do to help."

9.43am: Croydon leader Mike Fisher calls for the army to be deployed to stop further riots.

9.15am: Met Police arrest figures across London in last three days: So far, 334 people have been arrested, 69 people have been charged and two cautioned. Please be advised that this is a constantly changing picture.

9.13am: LIVE traffic and travel news is HERE

This amazing picture was taken by our photographer Amy Weston.
Your Local Guardian: Croydon woman jumps from building in Croydon

8.45am: The Metropolitan Police have issued this statement with regard to last night's massive disorder.

Last night was the worst the MPS has seen in current memory for unacceptable levels of widespread looting, fires and disorder.

The MPS responded with the largest policing operation of the three nights to date (approx 2,500 officers in addition to 3,500 officers already on boroughs).

This included receiving aid from other forces and using armoured vehicles to support officers on the ground to clear areas of trouble.

A significant number of arrests were made (well over 200 overnight - in excess of 450 over the three nights), leading to all MPS cells being full and prisoners being taken to surrounding forces.

Those involved in criminality should be under no illusion that we will pursue you. We have been making arrests all evening and have a team working during the night examining CCTV images.

We will follow up evidence in the coming days in order to bring anyone else responsible for criminal acts to justice.

Disturbing levels of violence were directed at officers again, leading to 44 being injured last night, which included an officer being driven at resulting in broken bones, and another officer receiving an eye injury that is likely to need surgery (separate incident).

14 members of the public were also hurt, including a man in his 60s who has life threatening head injuries.

Over the last 24 hour period we have taken almost 400% more 999 calls than normal (5,400 emergency 999 calls normally compared to almost 20,800).

Trident has launched an investigation after a 26 year old man was found with a gun shot wound in Croydon. He is currently in hospital in a serious condition.

Officers and staff continue to work long hours at short notice in very challenging circumstances.

We continue to have the plans and resources in place to respond to any further disorder, deal with normal policing across the city and keep Londoners safe.

Your Local Guardian: London Road Croydon aftermath

8.17am: Age UK in London Road is reporting it has suffered up to £15,000 worth of damage.

The charity office was attacked twice in the night, with a worker trapped in the building for two hours while the looters marauded down the road.

Chief executive Stuart Routledge said the damage would have “a massive impact” on the charity’s work.

8.17am: One Twitter user is trying to get fellow users to help the Reeves family. Their store, which was over 100 years old, was the iconic image as it burnt to a shell last night. Howard Dauber tweeted: “Today I will phone Reeves in Croydon and order a sofa. Let's all do it. Let's put them back in business.”

08.11am: Commuters face severe traffic disruption after last nights riots in Croydon.

The London Tramlink has been suspended between East Croydon and Wandle Park due to damage to overhead line cables.

Replacement services are in operation, but it could be days before the overhead cables are fixed.

London Road in West Croydon is closed in both directions between the Sumner Road junction and North End junction because of a building fire.

Duppas Hill Road in Waddon, Croydon is closed in both directions at the junction with Warrington Road, because of a serious police incident.

Drivers are advised to avoid all areas where possible.

7.56am: Gavin Barwell has described the scenes in West Croydon as “like a battlezone”.

The Croydon Central MP is on a walk-around in the town centre to witness the aftermath of the rioting first-hand.

He said the shops in North End