A shop owner was beaten up by looters as they caused chaos in Streatham and Brixton in the early hours of this morning.

In Streatham, T Mobile, JD Sports and other shops were ransacked. In Brixton there was wider damage with some stores set on fire, with looters walking the streets with stolen goods.

Across London, more than 100 people were arrested as officers were attacked, police vehicles damaged and shops looted.

About 35 officers were injured over the two nights of rioting.

Councillor Mark Bennett said the owner of one store in Streatham High Road was hospitalised.

He said: “He was beaten up and hit in the head. He had to go to hospital and needed stitches.”

He added looters were using other incidents to justify criminality.

He said: “This is completely opportunistic stuff. It is utterly, utterly opportunistic. It is basically lifestyle looting.”

Residents said the looting attacks seemed to be co-ordinated and organised.

One man surveying the damage to the High Road this morning said: “They [the looters] did the T Mobile shop and JD Sport. I heard people turned up with vans, so it wasn’t just kids looting but older rioters too.”

One Brixton resident said: “People were coming to Brixton from outside the area. I was getting out of Brixton Tube last night about 10.30pm and going up the escalator when about 10 teenagers ran up the escalator and pushed me to one side.

“There were already policeman waiting there. One policeman told me ‘You’d better get off the streets we’re predicting there’s going to be trouble’.”

The trouble followed a demonstration in Tottenham on Saturday which escalated into a riot.

Last night’s trouble spread to south London and to Enfield, Walthamstow and Waltham Forest in the north of the capital.

Parts of Brixton High Road remained closed to pedestrians this morning.

The Tube station was also shut, causing problems for Monday morning commuters.

Streatham MP Chuka Umunna said the events in Streatham and Brixton were not directly related to those in Tottenham, which erupted after police shot dead father-of-four Mark Duggan.

He instead condemned the riots as “thoughtless, opportunistic and completely unacceptable activities and behaviour on behalf of some people who saw what happened in Tottenham and thought they would go and do the same in our area”.

He added the riots were not necessarily caused by teenagers, but were caused by people “of all different ages”.

He said: “The perpetrators of these activities, these completely mindless activities, need to know that the strong arm of the law will be put upon them.”

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