Drivers were left scratching their heads after misspelled road signs were erected in Worcester Park.

The Sutton Council and Sutton and East Surrey Water road signs, which have since been removed, were used to direct drivers around road works that started on July 25 to replace ageing water mains along Central Road.

However some of the signs seem to be more of a hindrance than a help, as they misspelled road names or ban parking and turning where it has never been allowed in the first place.

Drivers being diverted from Lynwood Drive, which has been closed, were left puzzled as it was misspelt as Linewood Drive on the sign.

On Longfellow Road traffic cones were placed along a stretch of private driveways to suspend parking in an area where parking is not normally allowed.

Signs on Central Road signalled that left turns into Longfellow Road were prohibited, even though it is a one-way street so left turns there have never been allowed.

Bill Bailey, who travels into Worcester Park from his home in Cheam everyday to use the rail station, said: "I guess it causes more confusion for drivers if the signs are wrong. It’s not good."

A Worcester Park resident who did not want to be named said: "If they don’t realise their own streets they are working on it does look slack on their part."

Councillor Simon Wales, executive member for communities, transport and voluntary sector for Sutton Council, said: "Although local residents are often aware of these issues, we have to make sure that restrictions are clear to all motorists to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians and to help motorists avoid fines.

"The utility company’s contractors are responsible for the diversion and signage, which they have to agree with Sutton Council and the Metropolitan Police.

"We will draw the misspelling to their attention."

A Sutton and East Surrey spokesman said: "Bearing in mind the traffic management and diversions taking place locally, these signs have merely re-emphasised the rerouting changes in force.

"Obviously if we encounter misunderstanding or an error is spotted, as we did at the start of the scheme last week with the spelling of Lynwood Drive, then we take immediate action to rectify the signage."