A violent thug who lured delivery drivers to him with bogus food order to rob and them has been found guilty.

Michael Dineen, 20, from Applegarth in New Addington was convicted of two counts of robbery, GBH and having a dangerous dog in a public place at Croydon Crown Court.

The jury was told on November 11 a 31-year-old man was delivering a take-away in Brierly, New Addington when Dineen set his dog on the victim, urging the dangerous hound to attach him.

As the victim tried to get back into his car, Dineen punched him repeatedly in the face, demanding he hand over his phone and money.

He searched the victim's car, stealing the food before fleeing.

The traumatised delivery driver suffered severe facial injuries and had an operation to repair fractured bones.

Just a week later, Dineen struck again on the same road, this time targeting a 46-year-old pizza delivery driver. He went to a home but was told they did not order pizza, as he got back into his car, the thug approached and told him the pizza was his.

He pulled the second victim out of the car and assaulted him with his dog. The driver was bitten on his leg and also suffered severe facial injuries, including fractures.

Dineen stole his phone, cash and car keys, driving off on his car and it after crashing it in Layhams Road.

Police caught the robber and arrested him in January 6 after a forensic examination of the car, they found the dog at his home and DNA evidence revealed it was the same dog which had attacked the second victim.

Dineen has been remanded in custody and awaits sentencing at Croydon Crown Court on September 9.

Detective Constable Alison Scott, from Croydon’s Robbery Squad, who investigated the incidents said: “These were two of the most violent and vicious robberies imaginable, which left the victims with horrible injuries, from which they are still not fully recovered.

“Dineen is undoubtedly a calculating, violent and dangerous criminal and this verdict is good news. Hopefully the victims will now be able to begin to put the ordeal behind them and move on.”