A 10-year-old schoolboy was chased around his classroom and threatened by a maddened father who thought he had been in a fight with his stepson.

Raheem Wright, was terrified when the stepfather of another child charged into his classroom at Ryelands Primary School on May 18 and started yelling at him.

The man had to be restrained by teachers and calmed down while the boy was taken to a locked classroom for his own protection while staff called his mother to come and fetch him.

The man was later interviewed under caution by the police and fined £80 for causing public disorder.

Karlene Raphael, 42, said she was horrified when she arrived at the school to discover her son trembling with fear.

She said: “Raheem was shaking and trembling in fear for his life. He is not sleeping and is terrified to go back to school.

“The doctor signed him off for a week and I have now sent him back but he does not want to go. He is scared the man is going to come back and get him.

“The school know they are in the wrong and this man should not have got through security. They are trying to do what they can to help my son.”

There were police officers at the school already for an organised event and they spoke to her in the headteacher’s office where she was told what had happened.

But she said she was “disgusted” the police did not take the man to court and he got away with an on-the-spot fine.

She said: “What message does this send out? That you can just march into a school and threaten a young boy and nothing is really done?”

Headteacher Carmel Dolan said: “It is not appropriate for me to discuss matters concerning individual pupils at Ryelands Primary School.

“I can, however, confirm that the health and safety of the school community is a priority at Ryelands Primary School and Nursery.

“All local authority procedures were followed on the afternoon of May 18.

“The police were already on site that afternoon as part of an organised event – junior police academy.”