East Croydon residents have launched a last-ditch campaign to save a historic boozer under threat of being replaced with “a high street clone”.

The Porter and Sorter pub, which is about 170 years old, is set to be demolished as part of the controversial Menta development and replaced with an inn-style bar under a 10-storey office development.

The Revitalising East Croydon Communities (Recc) group is appealing to the council to help it save the pub when Menta’s planning application comes before the planning committee on July 21.

The Porter and Sorter pub in Station Road has been thriving since the mid-19th century.

It was built at about the same time as East Croydon station in 1841.

However, residents have just learned Menta plans to tear down the building and replace it with an inn-style bar as part of its controversial skyscraper development in Cherry Orchard Road.

Addiscombe councillor Sean Fitzsimons said: “Rather than having a boozer with more than 100 years of history and quirks we will end up with something no different from any of the other pubs on the high streets of England.”

The pub is owned and run by Marstons brewery, which leases the land from Menta.

An Recc spokesman said: “Marstons supports the planning application but at the time Recc enquired they had not informed their staff or patrons the pub is facing demolition.”

Customer Adam Smit from South Croydon was appalled by Menta’s proposed renewal of the pub when shown an illustration from the planning application.

He said: “Frankly it looks garish. It’s difficult enough for the pub industry as it is without property developers taking a dump on old pubs.”

The spokesman said: "We believe the loss of the pub as it stands now would also be a loss to the character of the area.

"Recc wants to save the pub because not only is it an accessible and historic public focal point but also it is a great boozer for residents, businesses and commuters.

"The pub is not in a conservation area and it is also not a listed building, so has very little protection from developers.

"It is very unfortunate no one thought to get the building listed.

"There is very little protection now. It is in the hands of the council."

For more information or to support the campaign email reccgroup @gmail.com.