The body of a Weybridge woman was hauled from the river Thames last week.

Shirley O'Sullivan, 50, was found at 8.40am on Thursday last week at Lock Island Weir, Weybridge, after police searched the river area near Thames Street throughout the night.

They were alerted by a call at 11pm the previous night by a relative who was concerned about Ms O'Sullivan's disappearance. However, her death is not being treated as suspicious.

A post-mortem on Friday, September 1 concluded there were signs of drowning, but the exact cause of death could not be determined. A request for a toxicology report has been issued with results expected in two weeks.

Firefighters from Walton and Chertsey helped police search the area using a special rescue boat from Walton that has an underwater camera which trawled the river bed for three hours, led by crew manager Gary Jeffries.

Ian Pompei, from Walton fire station, said the body floated to the surface in the morning when more water was let into the weir.

He said: "It is a disturbing fact that in the last two years we have had only two fire-related deaths in the borough.

"This death brings the total number of people who have died in the locality of the river to eight, about 50 per cent of which were suicide and others as a result of foolhardy actions."