Two people have been hospitalised after the motorbike they were riding was involved in a collision with a car at 1am.

The accident happened on Croydon Road near Penge opposite the Tesco Express.

Paramedics, fire crews and police officers were called to the scene.

A spokesman from the Red Watch at Woodside fire station said the collision was so devastating there was debris scatttered over 50m.

"The accident involved a motorcycle who had a passenger riding pillion, and a car.

"The motorcycle has hit the car crossing the road, causing the passenger to be flung off the bike.

"When we were called to the scene, the accident site was spread over 50m.

"It was wet and raining.

"The two motorcyclists were taken to hospital, the driver of the car was not injured."

The road was closed off last night as investigators worked at the scene and is still shut this morning causing delays in the area.