A young woman who was left fighting for her life after being dragged under a tram in April has spoken about her miraculous recovery.

Holly Kenny, 24, from Wallington, was hit by the Croydon tram at 10.30am on April 28, and has spent two months in hospital recovering from her horrific injuries.

The hairdresser, who works in George Street, was finally discharged on Friday, after nine weeks in hospital.

She said she was shocked when she woke up and discovered she had been hit by a tram.

She said: “I was crossing the road and I had my iPod in and was listening to some music very quietly. I was going to the Co-op bank. I heard the tram horn and stepped back to get out of the way, I did not realise there was a tram coming the other way and I was hit by it.”

Witnesses told the Croydon Guardian how Miss Kenny was dragged under the tram and remained wedged underneath the wheels until the emergency services arrived.

Miss Kenny broke six ribs, one of which punctured her lung and cracked her skull on the back of her head.

She remembers none of the horrific accident. Doctors, who were fighting for her life, kept her in a medically-induced coma for two weeks.

At first they were unsure whether the 24-year-old hairdresser would survive.

She said: “I missed my mum’s birthday because I was in a coma, they had to tell her they did not know if I was going to survive. Two days before her birthday they told her I should recover. She said it was the best present she could ask for.”

Miss Kenny has spent the past three weeks in the neuro rehabilitation ward recovering from her accident. She still bears bruises down the right side of her body from the smash.

She said: “I had post traumatic amnesia, I had no idea what happened to me when I woke up, I wanted to know why I was in hospital. When they said I had been hit by a tram, I found it very hard to believe.

“I always walk to work and am so careful on the road.

“I am very lucky to have recovered and I just want to go home now. I am looking forward to being with my mum again.”