Police are hunting for an arsonist who set a shed and a series of bins and skips alight in Wallington in the early hours of this morning.

Fire services were called to deal with a series of small fires in Wallington between 1am and 3am.

A spokesman from the Blue Watch at Wallington station said they attended seven different fires.

The first was at Cody Close at 1.52am where a shed was set alight, just seven minutes later they rushed to Barnard Close where a bin had been set on fire.

The arsonist struck twice in South View Gardens at 2.27am and 2.34am where skips were on fire.

Fires were also set at Blenheim Gardens at 2.27am and The Newlands at 2.28am.

A fire spokesman said: "Police are investigating the cause of the fires, there is CCTV in some of the areas so that might help identify the culprits."