Tennis-themed treats were served up to Chessington Zoo animals on what was the hottest day at Wimbledon.

Keepers have been serving up tennis related treats for the past 40 years as part of their enrichment programmes to stimulate animals.

The ace traditional strawberries went down a treat, but activities were toned down compared to the past.

In 1971 the zoo photographed a gorilla playing with a tennis racquet and ball in 1971.

Keeper Michael Riozzi said: "It's crazy what the keepers could do in the past. In those days we could take the gorillas out into the park to play with them - someone even used to take one of the orangutans out and trained it to fill his car up at the petrol station.

"We have to be a lot more careful these days - the welfare of the animals and health and safety means all the Wimbledon treats they get now are part of carefully planned enrichment programs."