A man who carried a gun through a primary school in Croydon has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Anthony Laretive, 20, from Sunset Gardens, was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on June 20.

He was spotted by police walking through the grounds of a primary school with a bag and was caught by officers after he dumped it in the grounds and tried to escape over a fence.

A police dog discovered the bag in the ground which held the weapon wrapped in a towel.

After Laretive was arrested his home was searched and found another gun and 462 rounds of assorted ammunition.

Officer in the case DC Peter Wood, from the Metropolitan Police Service's Operation Trident, said: "I am pleased with the result of our investigation. We will not tolerate people walking through the streets of London with guns and will thoroughly investigate anyone who is suspected to be in possession of illegally held firearms.

"Every time we recover a gun, we potentially save a life.

"I hope the sentence received by Laretive sends a strong message out to those thinking that they are above the law."