A man has been caged for six years for stabbing his friend during a violent row so hard the blade snapped off in his chest.

Brian Lyon, 32, attacked Darren Cheyne at 2am on October 28 in Croydon after an alcoholic binge.

The fight broke out in Lyon’s flat on Whitehorse Lane after the pair had spent the day of drinking and shopping.

They were playing cards with Lyon’s girlfriend when he lost his temper with her, calling her a “bitch, slag and whore” and they began to push one another about.

Mr Cheyne became worried he might have to stop them when Lyon turned to him in a rage and stabbed him so hard in the chest the 8.5inch blade of the knife snapped off just 1mm from his heart.

The victim managed to grab Lyon’s wrists and throw him against the wall before running outside covered in blood to call 999.

Croydon Crown Court heard Lyon chased after him yelling: “If you dob me in, I’ll finish you off.”

The police and London Ambulance arrived to find the victim covered in blood and clutching his chest. He had emergency surgery to remove the blade.

Lyon fled the scene but was arrested 18 hours later.

Detective Constable Eric Somerville, investigating, said: “The victim has been extremely lucky to escape with his life. Lyon completely lost control and became a violent, aggressive attacker that evening, turning on his girlfriend and friend.

“He had consumed a large amount of alcohol that day leading to this ciolent attack trying to kill the man he had spent the evening playing cards with.

“Today’s sentence means Lyon’s friends and the local community can be glad that another violent offender has been removed from their streets.”

Lyon was given an indeterminate sentence this morning for public protection and ordered to serve a minimun of six years in prison. If he is still considered a danger after six years, he will stay in jail.