Tucked away on a corner of the Crystal Palace triangle is a pub with a big reputation – The White Hart.

No matter the time of day, the bar is always busy, usually with hordes of twenty and thirty-something professional types.

So what’s the appeal? Well, first and foremost, the White Hart is a pub that knows its stuff on food and drink. There’s an extensive choice of booze, with a wide choice of fruit and Belgian beer, and ciders.

As for the food – it’s good too. Pubspy’s burger, with bacon and cheese, was one of the best I’ve ever tasted.

The White Hart is split in different sections for all sorts of tastes. Fancy something more traditional? Head towards the back to the pub’s red room? Fancy a comfy seat in a really relaxed area? The blue room is akin to someone's living room – complete with Coronation Street-style ‘flying duck’ ornaments on the wall – where you can slump in your seat and flick through a few books – if you don’t mind the bizarre moose's head situated here, that is.

If being stuck inside on a hot summer’s day isn’t for you then The White Hart possesses what’s probably the best beer garden found in the area.

This is a great pub. Add in a few extra little details done right – the extensive set of board games, the open kitchen, and the regular events, such as pub quizzes and ‘stitch and bitch’ evenings – and it’s clear why there is a constant crowd.

In fact, it’s this crowd which is the pub's only downside. On a really busy day, The White Hart can feel a bit claustrophobic, especially near the bar area, which contains an unfortunately-sited pillar. Because of this, negotiating through the throng can be a real hassle.

And it’s not a place where you’ll get really quick service, as there are always others fighting to get a drink too, but the staff always do their best to get to you as quick as they can.

But these are minor quibbles. If you want to find a place to drink you’ll find both relaxing and has a good atmosphere, look no further than the White Hart.

The White Hart, 96 Church Road, Crystal Palace, SE19 2EZ

Decor: XXXX Something for everyone. Comfortable, and a great beer garden. If only someone could do something about that pillar by the bar, without the whole place falling down.

Drink: XXXX Great tasting, great selection.

Price: XX £4.15 for Fruli is a touch on the pricey side.

Atmosphere: XXXXX Perfect. A busy bar that knows you don't have to turn the music up full blast for people to have a good time.

Service: XXXX You’ll get served quicker in other places, but the staff do their best to work through the crowd.