Like pubs? Like summer? Like watching football on a big screen? I have three words for you, my humble brethren – outdoor television screen.

Yes, my long journey is finally over. At last, I have found what may well be the ultimate summer pub experience. The future of English pub life is here in Wimbledon. And its name is... The Swan.

While this may all sound grotesquely over the top and moronic, I just can’t help it. I’m a red-blooded Wiltshireman, and, come summertime, I like to enjoy a pint in a beer garden, soaking up rays while polishing the froth off a couple. Equally, I love watching footy in a pub. It’s just something I really enjoy doing, taking in the atmosphere, chatting to fellow drinkers and watching all the action on a massive screen.

So you can imagine my euphoria at discovering the outdoor TV mounted on the outer wall of The Swan – it is an innovation I always knew I’d find one day, but didn’t expect to so close to home.

But there is more to this place than a large, electronic device.

Located on Ridgway, a quiet street that feels like a road out of town, The Swan is an imposing structure, with a wonderful, old-school entrance door and outdoor patio area that sits in front and to the side of the building.

It is worth visiting just to check out the beer garden. There are covered seats and uncovered ones, and plenty of room for families and large groups. The aforementioned television set sits conveniently in a place where everyone sat to the side of the pub can see it.

The inside isn’t bad either. The Swan has a traditional feel, with an old wooden bar and old school carpeting. Again, the place is spacious, with plenty of tables clustered around.

It struck me as being something of a local for people who live in this neighbourhood, and everyone was friendly and happy. I am happy to report there were no gangs of chavvy youths, teenage thugs or drunken revellers. Just lots of family-orientated guys and gals enjoying the atmosphere.

There was a wide selection of drinks, including plenty of real ales, and, although I did not eat, there were plenty of enticing dishes on the menu.

You are probably wondering what can possibly be wrong with this place. Well, there’s always something. I bought a pint of Guinness and a half pint glass of Pimm’s. Cost? £9.50.

Despite my glowing praise for this place, I am afraid I will be unable to drink here often, and that is why.

If you are planning a heavy session here, I advise coming with a stretcher, upon which your unconscious body can be escorted away after you have been given the bill. However, if you can handle Wimbledon Village prices, then I wholeheartedly recommend this place.

The Swan, 89 Ridgway, Wimbledon SW19 4SU

How the pub rates out of five:

DECOR: XXXXX Old school and traditional, like a proper pub should be.

DRINK: XXXX Good selection, and lots of real ale on tap.

ATMOSPHERE: XXXXX Friendly, family-orientated kind of place.

PRICE: XX Avoid Guinness and Pimm’s.

STAFF: XXXX Very friendly and good humoured.