I have driven past the Plough, in Beddington, many times without ever really being tempted to pop in.

From my point of view, it has nothing to do with the pub itself. It looks like your quintessential English country pub and is reminiscent of a village cricket pavillion.

It’s more to do with it’s location, caught, as it is, in a kind of no-man’s land between Croydon and Sutton, and cast adrift on an island surrounded by traffic.

However, last week I left the car keys at home and decided to pay this pub a visit.

The Plough certainly has a classy look about it with an interior to match.

It’s wooden balconies give the place a certain charm and you could imagine some cricketers gathered there, waiting to bat, and watching the opposition bowling a few maidens over with their googlies.

Well, you could imagine all that if the pub wasn’t stuck on the side of the A232.

Model-making enthusiasts might be interested to know that there’s an enchanting model of the pub displayed high on a wall just inside one of the entrances to this boozer.

The Plough’s interior is tastefully decorated in grey, burgundy and green.

Unfortunately, some of the punters weren’t so neatly presented.

I felt like I’d walked into a fashion show sponsored by Sports Direct. All your favourite brands of sportswear were on display – Addidas, Puma, Lonsdale, Nike and Tachini – and all were being worn by people of a certain age who should know better.

It’s all well and good wearing that kind of clobber when you’re in your mid-teens, but not in your mid-50s.

The clientele was a mixed bag, with hardcore regulars and a Yorkshire Terrier propping up the bar, and those wanting a quiet chat with a meal sitting out of harm’s way.

There was a pretty good selection of Young’s real ales and I opted for a pint of London Gold before parking myself at the bar.

Nearby, a heated debate broke out about the merits of Frank Bruno’s opponents during his boxing career.

The punters exchanged verbal blows as fighters such as Buster Douglas and James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith came under scrutiny.

But, what really packs a punch at this place is the inescapable sound of the traffic if you sit in the beer garden.

You might what to have some earplugs handy, listen to your iPod or just stick your fingers in your ears.

The Plough, Croydon Road, Beddington, CR0 4QR www.ploughbeddington.co.uk

Decor: XXXX Tasteful. There’s loads of seating and it’s bright and airy.

DRINK: XXX A decent selection of Young’s ales such as Special, Bitter and London Gold, as well as lagers like Peroni, Kronenbourg and Stella.

PRICE: XX £3.25 for my London Gold pint is ok-ish. ATMOSPHERE: XXX It was certainly lively with plenty of banter. STAFF: XXXX There were lots of staff on duty and they all seemed really helpful.