As the President of the United States delivers a historic address to Parliament, the youngest child of a man held in Guantanamo for nearly a decade has appealed to him directly to release the father he has never met.

Hopes that Shaker Aamer, who has been held at Guantanamo since February 2002 but never charged with any offence, will be released have been raised in recent months after the foreign secretary and deputy Prime Minister said they would raise the case “at the highest level”.

But while the father-of-four, who is Saudi Born but married to a British woman, remains in the Cuban jail, his family back in Battersea live without a father and dad.

Mr Aamer’s youngest child, Faris Aamer, said: “I am nine-years-old and I never met my daddy. At school I get bullied a lot, they say bad things about my daddy, and I become very upset and cry. I am telling you my problem because you are the only one who can bring him back. I feel sorry for my dad because he gets tortured I have never seen him and I want to really see him and only you can let him free so please let him free I want to play with him so let him free.”

Johina, Michael and Saif Aamer, Mr Aaamer’s three other children, said: “We were relieved at your closing Guantanamo Bay Prisons program, but we are very sad that Guantanamo did not close at the time you promised.

“Please we want our father to come home. I hope you understand because you are a father yourself of two daughters. Our father has been there for almost 10 years. Our father loves us very much and we are dying to see him. We don’t understand why he has not been sent home even though he is cleared for release. We would remain ever thankful to you if you help us. Our family is going through a lot of hardship.”

Mr Obama, who will become the first US President to address both houses in Westminster Hall, was expected to cover foreign policy, security and the economy in his speech.

But former Guantanamo detainee, Moazzam Begg, said Mr Aamer’s continued detention was due to the president’s broken promises, and urged him to look at the case personally.

He said: “Mr Obama has come to a country where four children, the youngest of whom has never seen his father, because he reneged on a promise to shut Guantanamo.

“He has an opportunity now, with a mind to discuss security and so forth, to discuss Shaker Aamer’s case. His has been held for 10 years and he has not been a threat to anyone.”

Mr Begg, who is Mr Aamer’s close friends and has met Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to argue for his release, added he was concerned for his friend’s health.

He said: “Shaker’s condition of one who has been in world’s most notorious prison for a decade. He has deteriorated over the years physically and mentally.

“Parliamentarians need to remind Mr Obama one of the first things he said he will close Guantanamo. We don’t care if he closes it just get the people in it repatriated.”