It’s not often you walk into a pub and feel underdressed.

But that’s what happened when I popped into the Glamorgan for a quiet afternoon drink.

Packed with suits on their lunch breaks, I felt somewhat sartorially challenged.

That aside, the place was packed and it seems it’s the food – not the drink – that’s the main draw.

The menu is fairly extensive and the dishes sound good – although they come with a gastro-pub price tag.

And it seems you also need to plan ahead. A couple at the bar were told there was a 30-minute wait for food and advised to book ahead.

Having made it to the bar I opted for a Peroni (no Peroni glass, though) and stood back to look for somewhere to sit and hide my less-than-glam gladrags.

The bar area has a couple of tables and sofas to lounge on but the rest of the main area has been turned over to dining.

The small side room, with a pool table, has a few tables dotted about but seating is at a premium.

Having plonked myself down I got to watch a game of pool where it seemed the challenge was not how to pot the ball but how to do it without your tie getting in the way.

The answer to that conundrum? Throw it over your shoulder, apparently.

The Glamorgan, 81 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon, 020 8688 6333.

How the pub rates out of five:

Decor: XXXX Outside the Glamorgan could almost pass for a club. Inside it is clean and contemporary but lacks character.

Drink: XXX There’s Doom Bar and Sussex Best Bitter on draught as well as a few lagers, but the wine racks take precedence.

Price: XX £3.20 for a Peroni is probably about right. The food is quite pricey.

Atmosphere: XXX There’s a buzz about the place for a lunchtime.

Staff: XXXX Friendly and fast service.