One of Croydon’s landmark buildings is facing a Hollywood-style destruction as caped crusader Batman swings into town for his latest multimillion-dollar movie.

A shroud of secrecy has surrounded filming of The Dark Knight Rises, the third film to see Christian Bale don the black costume to fight crime in Gotham City, since shooting began in India two weeks ago.

But the action has since moved to Croydon, with Delta Point near West Croydon station marked for a computerised demolition as part of the new movie.

The rumour-mill has been in overdrive about the film since Friday, when Twitter was overrun with people mistaking Kate Moss’ helicopter landing on the roof of the Whitgift car park as evidence the Batman shoot had begun.

And although there has been no sign of stars Bale, Michael Caine or Gary Oldman, one of the best luxury Winnebagos in the UK was spotted cruising Croydon’s streets over the weekend.

Crews have also travelled to St John Street in central London to grab more footage of the Farmiloe Building, which doubled as Gotham City police station in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

A spokeswoman for the new film refused to comment on the Croydon shoots.

The Dark Knight Rises, which is scheduled for release next year, is set to feature Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as drug-fuelled goliath Bane.

Its predecessor The Dark Knight, released in 2008, became the seventh-highest grossing film of all time after taking more than $1 billion in revenue worldwide.