The recent spell of good weather has meant I have been able to make the most of one of those simple pleasures in life – the beer garden.

There’s nothing quite like sitting in the sizzling sunshine getting slighlty sozzled with some old pals.

However, sometimes the thought of a cheeky booze in the beer garden is better than the real thing, and this was the case when I popped into the Fountain in New Malden the other day.

After years of avoiding the place, I have actually been to this well-known watering hole twice recently.

On my first visit the unmistakable scent of sick lingered in the air as I made my way to the bar. By the time I ordered my pint I felt ready to throw-up myself.

But, I am a hardy soul, and undeterred I decided to pop back to the pub just the other day in my official capacity of Pubspy.

Thankfully, on my latest visit, there was no sick scent, just paint fumes as the decorators begin to give this local landmark a much-needed makeover.

It may be a bit unfair of me to cast a critical eye over a pub which is just about to undergo a major revamp but I thought the Fountain would be worth checking out before the painters and plumbers have their wicked way with the place.

I ordered a pint of Summer Lightning by Surrey’s very own Hopback Brewery.

It’s a light and golden ale and I started supping it before sitting down, rolling up my sleeves, and undoing a couple more shirt buttons to top up my tan in the beer garden. Ah, this is the life, New Malden style.

Except, the scene wasn’t quite what I’d hoped it would be. I sat there surrounded by Cheesy Wotsits which were strewn across the grass along with a piece of cutlery and masses of fag ends.

The sound of the traffic and the police sirens going past was broken by one chaps’s hacking smokers’ cough.

If that wasn’t bad enough he had a laugh which was just like Sid James, and every time he started to chuckle it only set his cough off again, and so the cycle went on and on.

There’s only so much of that old nonsense I can take, so I picked up my pint and toddled off back inside.

The pub is spacious with plenty of seating. The furnishings, like a lot of the punters, look a bit shabby, but that’s hardly surprising considering it’s such a popular haunt for chavs and people who have missed their bus.

But, I have to be fair. The Fountain closes down in a matter of days for its makeover, so I will have to come back in a few weeks to see what’s changed.

The Fountain, 120 Malden Rd, New Malden, KT3 6DD

Décor: X Ropey. I am looking forward to seeing what a fresh lick of paint will do to this place.

Drink: XXXX A good selection of real ales, including Adnams, Deuchars and the thirst-quenching Summer Lightning.

Price: XX My pint of Summer Lightning was £3.30 which is a little pricey but they did have cheaper options available.

Atmosphere: XX It was lively, but not in a good way.

Staff: XXX The chap who served me was a bit of a joker, in a good way.