It was difficult to tell which was shining brighter when I popped into The Butterchurn the other day, the sun or the sovs.

Vests, shorts, white trainers, large-hooped earrings, tattoos and sovereign rings were out in force as the punters took to the beer garden to top up their tans. Frank Gallagher would have been proud.

Fans of Shameless, the popular Channel 4 show based on the antics of the Gallagher family and the other residents of a Manchester housing estate, will do well to remember that if they’re looking for a taste of the real thing, then this is as good a place as any in the borough.

The leather-skinned lager lovers all had that same scowling look about them, and for a minute, I felt like I’d walked into a Vinnie Jones look-a-like competition.

The womenfolk, I presumed, were competing in the category set aside for Pat Butcher wannabes.

Collectively, the punters were wearing enough hair gel to grease the wheels of the Flying Scotsman and enough bling to give MR T an inferiority complex.

On the plus side, I fully expected to see a Chelsea shirt or two being worn, but didn’t spot any. I suspect their fans were keeping a low profile after the Blues were beaten by Manchester United in the Champions League.

The interior of the pub itself is neatly decorated in what I would describe as a muddy colour scheme which was brought to life by some wonderful Royal Wedding bunting and, next to the dartboard, a picture of Bobby Moore holding the 1966 World Cup aloft. It was almost enough to bring a tear to my eye.

There are pictures of the borough from a bygone time dotted around the walls and a small stage with a seating area in front of it which gave me the feeling that I had stumbled on to the set of Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights.

There wasn’t much in the way of real ale, but Greene King IPA came to my rescue, even if it was cunningly disguised in a Tetley pint glass.

The name, The Butterchurn, may conjure up idealistic thoughts of country life but the reality is this place feels more like a Manchester housing estate than anything else.

The Butterchurn, Erskine Road, Sutton, SM1 3AS

Decor: XXXX It’s certainly a tidy pub with plenty of seating both inside and out.

DRINK: XX The usual array of lagers but not much on offer for real ale enthusiasts.

PRICE: XXXX £2.45 for my pint of Greene King IPA is pretty good.

ATMOSPHERE: XX It was pretty quiet inside, just a few regulars propping up the bar. Most people were out soaking up the sun. It was as if Benidorm had come to Sutton. Well, kind of.

STAFF: XXX The barmaid was pleasant enough.