Now that spring is in the air, and the evenings are getting lighter, enjoying a few bevvies outdoors is back on everyone’s agenda.

And, if beer gardens are not your kind of action, then you can do a lot worse than polish the froth off a couple on a custom-built terrace at a boozer known as, er, The Terrace.

This classy town centre joint is a popular hangout for Wimbledonians. Sitting above the Centre Court shopping centre, at the very hub of the Broadway, The Terrace consists of a bar, a dining area and, you’ve guessed it, a terrace, and is unique in that it offers an aerial view of the town centre.

Popping in after work early one evening last week, I headed straight for the outdoor area to soak up the jovial springtime atmosphere and was once again struck by what I consider to be this place’s central problem.

Basically, The Terrace would be a venue of the very highest quality, if only it wasn’t stuck smack bang in the middle of the high street, one of the grottiest parts of town.

The view takes in the delights of the main town centre bus stop (complete with a seemingly ever-present throng of chavvy, mooching teenagers), not to mention Burger King, Coral, Morrisons and a plethora of 93 buses heading for North Cheam.

The atmosphere and concept may be akin to that of a Milanese cafe, but the surroundings are not.

But that is no fault of The Terrace, and the bar does a fine job of offering an exotic, dare I say dazzling, alternative for Wimbledon drinkers.

The main bar area is a snazzy circular room, complete with a chandelier, with a large bar surrounded by plenty of comfortable tables and chairs. A door close to the entrance leads to the terrace itself, and it was outdoors where I positioned myself.

Aside from the unglamorous view, my other problem concerned the volume of cigarette smoke polluting the air which, coupled with the pungent exhaust fumes produced by the queue of buses lined up just yards away from my table, created an uncomfortable environment.

However, this was the designated smoking area, so I really couldn’t complain. As a reformed smoker, I am in no position to criticise the pub’s patrons for popping outside for a quick gasper, although I imagine all the smoke will put people off from enjoying the terrace, which is possibly what would have attracted them here in the first place.

The Terrace’s choice of draught beer is interesting, and it is one of the few pubs in Merton to serve Coors, a beer I acquired a taste for while backpacking around America in 2001.

Alas, like most fancy bars of this ilk, there is no real ale or bitter here, but at least they have mixed up the draught lagers a bit, with Grolsch, Heineken and Carling.

On top of this, The Terrace offers extensive wine, cocktail and shots lists, milkshakes, a wide choice of teas, coffees, and spirits.

Behind the main bar area, there is a large dining area, making the place look like it’s been split in half, with a restaurant on one side and a bar on the other. The menu is extensive, and should satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

All in all, The Terrace is a very smart place, ideal for a beer after work, a big night out, a date, a quiet drink or a party. Just don't expect a jaw-dropping panoramic view.

How the pub rates out of five:

DECOR: XXXX Very smart and fancy, though the outside area could do with a bit of tarting up.

DRINK: XXXX Coors on tap is a refreshing change, and there are lots of cocktails and shooters too.

ATMOSPHERE: XXXX Fantastic, a good mix of people all having a good time.

PRICE: XXX Not that bad, and the happy hour is quite reasonable.

STAFF: XXXX Professional and alert. Well-trained.