I am going to be honest with you, police sirens are one of my bugbears in life.

When I was a nipper the mere noise of one used to stop me in my tracks as I watched, mesmerised, by the sound and the speed of the cars racing past.

I’m not sure why I found it so fascinating. It might have had something to do with TV shows like The Sweeney, The Professionals and The Streets of San Francisco, or it might have been that, in the 1970s and 80s, they were just rarer than today.

These days I am lucky if I get to sleep off a hangover on a Sunday without hearing a siren or six.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been all that surprised when my walk along Carshalton Road to the Windsor Castle was accompanied by the sound of three police sirens, all belting around the borough in their battle against burglars and the like. After all, the Sutton cop shop is just along the road.

I know they’re only doing their job and I know I can be a bit of an old curmudgeon at times, but unfortunately the sound of the police siren is so commonplace these days, that I often mutter an expletive under my breath whenever I hear it.

By the time I made it through the door of the pub I was ready to unwind with a pint in what I already knew to be pleasant surroundings. However, I was made to feel like the lad at school who is the last to be picked to play football by the other boys when the barmaid chose to serve all-comers to the bar, and not me.

Punters came from all four corners of the pub to request refreshment as I stood there, overlooked time and again.

My own blues and twos were sounding as this emergency situation required me to get served or walk out.

I only ever get that alarmed when I’m surrounded by Chelsea-supporting chavs in the boozer on a Sunday afternoon.

Quite why I was made to wait that long, I’ve no idea. After all, there were just a few geezers in the pub and a dog the size of a Shetland pony.

I was surprised that the massive mutt didn’t get served a bowl of water before I got my pint of Golden Gate ale.

That said, I think those crafty crimefighters from San Francisco, Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, would have approved of my choice.

The Windsor Castle has one big thing going for it; a traditional feel. The dark wood, comfortable seating and patterned carpet all create a cosy environment in which to sit, sup and surmise why it took so long to get served.

Windsor Castle, 378 Carshalton Road, Carshalton SM5 3PT

Decor: XXXX It’s quite cosy, with framed beer mats and pump badges on display, as well as old cider jugs.

DRINK: XXXX A very good choice – Hydes Original, Sussex Best, Late Red, Master Brew, Kent’s Best and Dark Star’s Golden Gate.

PRICE: XX £3.20 is a bit on the pricey side.

ATMOSPHERE: XX A bit top-heavy with middle-aged geezers.

STAFF: X Poor service.