More often than not, there’s a sense of unease about visiting a pub that’s right next to a train station.

There’s a cynical approach to such places usually – a feeling that passing trade will have no other option but to kill time in that establishment, so where's the need for them to go above and beyond the call of duty?

Many’s the time Pubspy has been caught out like this, supping away at a dodgy bitter at a sterile, manky old bar, waiting – begging – for the 15.06 to Weston-super-Mare to arrive.

The Railway, near Streatham Common station, is no such pub. Certainly with its music and comedy events, tidy decor and expansive food menu, it’s more ambitious then to just aim for commuters for its custom.

On my visit, it's a pretty lengthy wait to get served, about four or five minutes – it's late afternoon with only one barmaid serving.

At least I’m acknowledged though, with apologies, though there are a couple of mutterings of discontent from others waiting to get served.

It's a fairly sparse crowd but most of the pub-dwellers are enjoying the sun in the nice beer garden.

It’s a great little area to spend a spring afternoon, and despite the pub being near a main road, it feels secluded enough.

There is one gripe though: some weird bits of tin foil hanging from an alcove which act like unpleasant wind chimes – creating a bit of a din.

A pint of Staropraman and a packet of crisps costs £4.40 but my, it’s a good pint – far better than most, and while the booze selection isn’t immense – two ales including the ubiquitous Doom Bar for example – there's enough variety to make it good. And any pub wise enough to serve Hoegaarden is on to a winner.

The Railway's a good pub – and one that might even be worth missing the next train for.

The Railway, 2 Greyhound Lane, SW16 5SD

How the pub rates out of five:

Decor: XXXX Nice – quite vintage, two different bar sections and a good beer garden.

Drink: XXXX Excellent pint and a fairly good selection.

Price: XXX The drinks aren’t cheap, but lunch specials were on offer at £5.85, which isn’t too bad.

Atmosphere: XXX A decent, mixed crowd for a sunny afternoon lots of interaction between the locals too. Friendly.

Staff XXX A long time to get served – but the barmaid was very apologetic and let me know I was next in line to be served – it doesn’t always happen in pubs.