There is no doubt about it, the Grey Horse in Kingston is a busy old boozer.

It’s home to not one, but two live music clubs, a comedy club and a film club.

The message is loud and clear – if you want to sup a pint and be entertained at the same time, then this is the place for you.

Whether you’re into indie, blues, jazz or jokes, the Grey Horse stages gigs and gags every night of the week.

But I wanted to know more about the pub itself, so by the time I made the 200-yard walk from Kingston station to its cosy confines I had built up quite a thirst. It doesn’t take much to be honest.

I am ashamed to say that I’d never been to the Grey Horse before. I’d heard plenty of good things about it and hoped it would live up to these glowing recommendations.

From the moment I walked through its doors I felt at home. It was late afternoon, a time when most musicians are still tucked up in bed after an exhausting night entertaining punters and groupies.

Perhaps it reminds me of my student days, but this place has a welcoming spit-and-sawdust feel to it and oozes character. Blimey, if only the walls could speak.

It makes a refreshing change from the rather sterile, revamped bars which are taking our towns and cities by storm.

Those in the know though, head to pubs such as the Grey Horse where a big room at the back plays host to the music.

The walls at the front of the pub are lined with posters advertising the next acts to take to the venue’s stage – usually a few has-beens, numerous never-will-bes, the odd local legend and the occasional hidden gem.

However, I am not complaining. It may not be the 02 Arena, but I admire anyone who can play a decent tune on a guitar. I only wish I could do it. Still, I can drink a decent pint, and for this column at least, that's what counts.

Most of Kingston’s bright young things may prefer the pretentious boozers by the Thames but this pub definitely strikes the right chord with me. I’ll be back.

The Grey Horse, 46 Richmond Road, Kingston, KT2 5EE or

Décor: XXXX I like pubs like this. It has character, history and feels well lived-in.

Drink: XXX Bombardier and Young’s Bitter are two excellent ales. Nice to see Red Stripe on draught for the lager lovers.

Price: XXX £2.99 for a pint of Young’s is ok, but £3.65 for Bombardier is very steep.

Atmosphere: XXX Quiet, but it was late afternoon. I can imagine it’s a real hive of activity when the pre-gig crowd arrives.

Staff: XXXX The barmaid was pleasant and served with a smile.