A Carshalton College lecturer has come up with the world’s first online scratch and sniff picture with a three-dimensional smell.

Dr Ronald Chaucer, from Clock House, devised the pioneering technique using the olfactory senses to ignite other senses such as sight and hearing to create the first 3D digital smell.

He utilises the small electrical current running across the computer monitor to fire up ozone in the air, converting it into an electronic version of the odour.

In a world exclusive, Sutton Guardian readers can try out the amazing technology for the first as we have printed two 3D scratch and sniff images online.

One is a story about a new greengrocers opening in Wallington, the other relates to a new flower cultivated at Beddington Park.

Dr Chaucer, 37, who has a doctorate in biochemistry, used existing scratch and sniff technology but impregnated special oxygen/fluoride compound mixed with Lithium, Sulphur and Hydrogen particles (F02 Li SH).

He said: "It's a revolutionary process that allows the scratcher to not only smell the pictured image but it also allows the brain to 'see' and 'hear' what is going on at the same time through synaptic triggers in the brain.

"It's the nasal equivalent of watching Avatar.

"Lithium and Fluoride are well known elements that affects the brain and I combined it with Sulphur which has a strong smell. Hydrogen and Oxygen provide the lift needed to raise the smell to the nostrils."

He said the potential use for the online scratch and sniff 3D is limitless and eventually could do away with the need for words.

"Think of the time saved in typing out reports at work or essays at school when you can create a smell that portrays the whole subject and then email it," Dr Chaucer added.

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