Their high-precision CCTV cameras will catch you if you break the law while driving.

But the driver of this Kingston Council enforcement smart car did not count on having the cameras turned when it parked on double yellow lines outside a police station on Tuesday, March 29.

The CCTV car stopped outside Kingston police station’s car park in Kingston Hall Road at about 1pm.

A witness claimed it was training its cameras on a transporter dropping a police car off.

The person who took the photograph, who identified himself simply as Sam from Worcester Park, said: “I’m just fed up with them thinking they can park wherever they want. One of them was parked in a bus lane for 10 minutes in Kingston last week.”

A Kingston Council spokesman said: “Stopping on the double yellow line is permitted while undertaking enforcement.

“The CCTV vehicle was enforcing an appropriate restriction, where loading/unloading is not permitted on Kingston Hall Road.”

The council also said it only employed CCTV enforcement at safety and traffic-critical locations.

The spokesman added: “The council enforces traffic regulations to keep Kingston’s roads free-flowing and safe for all road users and our CCTV car only stops as long as is required to do so.”