The Slug. Surely one of the most uninspiring pub names in the whole of London.

Conjure up images of slime and mucus it may, but it has to be said that this modern, recently refurbished watering hole is actually one of the liveliest joints in Wimbledon.

Formerly known as The Slug and Lettuce (which was anything but lively) the bar was rebranded last year as just The Slug, and has been remodelled as a sports bar-cum-late night party venue, catering largely for Wimbledon's seemingly bottomless community of South Africans and Australians.

Indeed, the pub sign outside features the national flags of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and the place is, invariably, full of folk from the southern hemisphere, all keen to meet fellow wanderers from afar.

I have visited The Slug several times since its relaunch and, having also been a regular in its former guise, I can honestly say that the new incarnation is a definite improvement.

However, popping in for a few quick pints last week, I must admit this place is hardly my cup of tea.

It was a Thursday night in the middle of February, and yet the place was set up as if it was New Year’s Eve, complete with dark lights, open dance floor area and blaring music, which was far too loud.

To add to the surreal scene, the place was almost deserted, and I found trying to have a quiet chat with my flatmates to be impossible with the music drowning out all sound, and all hope of a chilled out evening.

My main problem was the fact that the pub served no ale or bitter on tap. John Smith’s is usually served on draught, but was ‘off’ on this particular night, forcing me to settle for Guinness.

The place was full of young, slightly chavvy types, many of whom appeared to be foreign, with only a select few strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

On the plus side, there can be no doubt The Slug more than lives up to its reputation as one of the best pubs for live sport in the borough.

Showing an extensive variety of sporting events, from Premier League football to its unrivalled coverage of Super 15 rugby, the joint is a winner in terms of its status as a sports bar.

Boasting 17 giant screens, the Slug has put itself in a similar category to one of my favourite watering holes in central London, the Sports Cafe, with its delivery of live action.

All Super 15 matches involving South African sides are shown here live, and I hear the place is heaving whenever the Bulls or the Sharks (whoever they are) take to the field.

On Friday and Saturday nights, The Slug is more of a big night out venue, and would appear to be the place to go if you like music that’s really loud in what I would call a franchise pub.

The Slug, 16 Hartfield Road, Wimbledon SW19 3TA

Décor: XXXXX Having been refurbished last year, the pub looks immaculate, and has a distinct, newish glow.

Drink: XXX More of a lager and shorts kind of place. Being a real ale man, I was a bit lost.

Atmosphere: XXX Music was too loud, but seemed to be a good place to pull.

Price: XXX Nothing really out of the ordinary.

Staff: XXX Friendly enough.