Dragons. The scourge of knights and, in this modern day and age, entrepreneurs the length and breadth of the country.

Entering the dragons’ den you can expect a fiery reception as the panel of millionaire investors give short shrift to many a business ideas.

But I digress. The reason for the preamble is the curious name of the boozer Pubspy stumbled across while in search of refuge and warmth on a bleak Friday – afternoon.

The Norbiton and Dragon, in Clifton Road, is described as a tradional English pub. Perhaps that’s pushing it a bit far.

The dragon in its moniker is, however, a clue to the Thai influence on its decor and cuisine.

At first glance, having spied the pub from the main road, it appeared shut.

Peering through the darkened windows you could just about make out the shape of some ghostly figures inside in what looked like a dark and dingy watering hole.

Having taken the plunge I walked through the door half expecting to be hit by a ball of fire. Instead, the warm glow that greeted me was from the flames of a fire, which cast a bit of light over the rather subdued interior.

Traditional it’s not. Like the vast majority of pubs it’s had a refit with stripped wooden floors, flock wallpaper and plenty of white painted walls but the orien-tal touches add a different feel.

For a late Friday afternoon the pub was busy – many taking advantage of the £4.95 pub lunch menu, which includes a range of Thai dishes.

The English bar menu, which is served at other times is more pricey with a cheese and chutney sandwich setting you back £4.35, plus an extra £1.30 for chips.

There’s a range of lagers on tap as well as Old Speckled Hen and London Pride real ales.

It also has a good choice of wine. Finding a decent glass of vino can be a challenge but having ordered a chilled, fruity Pinot Grigio blush (£4.30) I had to slump on the cosy sofa just to get over the price.

Still as I sat back and watched the TV for a while, all the time salivating over the menu, one thing did cheer me up – the idea that you can pick up a takeaway at the pub and surf the net on the wifi, all while you sup a drink.

An ordinary boozer it's not – but for something that little bit different it’s well worth a visit.

Norbiton & Dragon, 16 Clifton Road, Kingston, KT2 6PW

How the pub rates out of five:

Décor: XXXX Comfy sofas, a roaring fire and quirky oriental touches give this pub a homely feel.

Drink: XXXX A choice of lagers and couple of ales on tap, plus a wide range of wines.

Price: XX Baulked at the £4.30 price of a ‘small’ glass of wine.

Atmosphere: XXX Friendly vibe, mixed crowd.

Staff: XXX Efficient service but it wasn’t exactly full of charisma.