A 3D animator is due to attempt to solve 100 Rubik's cubes while running a marathon to raise thousands of pounds for charity and set a new Guinness World Record.

Uli Kilian, 34, self-proclaimed the “Rubik’s Runner”, who lives in Streatham, set himself the challenge of running the London Marathon while solving Rubik’s Cubes in 2009, when his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The money raised by Mr Kilian will be donated to Prostate UK.

Mr Kilian said: “It’s a bit of a logistical problem. A hundred cubes would be too heavy to carry in a rucksack and support runners were difficult because we would have to secure a place for all of them, so I’ll have keepers who will hand me the cubes along the circuit.”

He will have family and friends placed strategically on the side of the circuit to give him 20 unsolved cubes at a time and who will pick up the solved cubes.

The runner will also have a small video camera attached to his chest to help prove he solved all the cubes while running.

A Guinness official will be waiting for Mr Kilian at the finish line to collect the cubes.

Mr Kilian, who has been living in Streatham with his wife for two years, can solve a cube in 31 seconds.

Originally from Cologne, Germany, he works at a 3D animation studio in Soho.

He has run two marathons in the past, in 2006 and 2008, both in under four hours.

For more on the runner go to at www.rubiksrun.com or to donate go to www.justgiving.com/UliKilian.