A young campaigner is hoping to stage a youth conference to raise awareness about knife crime, at the end of March.

Eliza Rebeiro, 17, who started Lives not Knives, is appealing for help from businesses and youth organisations to put on the event called Put the Record Straight.

The former Croydon Champion said: “My organisation, LIVES NOT KNIVES now has a team of twenty mentors, who also have experienced either losing a friend, being a victim or perpetrator of violent crime, ex-gang members, young mothers and young people in care.

“We want to make a difference on our streets. We think it is time that the young people of London had their chance to speak and in fact Put the Record Straight to significant policy makers and make sure not only that their voices are heard, but the right changes are made.

“The idea is to organise and run a youth led conference to show dignitaries, Metropolitan Police, Youth Justice Board, Home Office, Politicians, policy makers, adults, parents, teachers - how life really is for young people on the streets of London, how youth violence is affecting our lives and the real changes that need to be made to make London a safer place for young people.”

For more information go to www.livesnotknives.com or www.battlefront.co.uk/eliza.