Concerns over the opening of a job centre in Southfields have re-emerged after a fresh planning application was submitted to the council.

The first planning application to open a Job Centre Plus in Merton Road was made in November.

The site will replace the current job centre in Wandsworth Town.

However, it was withdrawn by the applicants just before it was due to be reviewed by the council’s planning committee on January 6.

Residents deluged the council with complaints about the suitability of the site, highlighting their fears that property value would be affected and that the new job centre would bring parking and traffic problems as well as security issues.

And after the withdrawal of the planning application, residents thought they had succeeded. But after the at a meeting between residents and councillors on January 26, planning officer Tim Cronin confirmed a new application had been made.

He said: “The application was made then withdrawn but a new application has been made and it is in the same location.”

The new application was made with two new changes the application the matter will go before the council’s planning committee in April.

Erik Van Dyke, 49, of Standen Road, said: “I have never seen anyone who supports the plans and I hope that common sense and the voice of the people will prevail and they will reject it.”

Southfields Councillor Lucy Allen added: “It is in the wrong place for that kind of amenity. It needs to be accessible for all the people that want to use it and should be in a town centre with good transport links.”