A campaign to boost education in Africa with shipments of pens and pencils has called on schools to get involved in the scheme.

Project Pencil Case, a charity founded by Wimbledon resident Arabella Stewart, sends cases of stationery to Ethiopia.

The country is one of the world’s poorest and many children struggle to get hold of the the basic equipment needed for lessons.

Ms Stewart divides her time between Britain and Ethiopia, the country where she grew up and now works as a teacher.

She said: “Schools have inadequate funding to provide a proper education. I’m helping to give them a tiny kickstart with these supplies.”

The charity is appealing for British schools to join the campaign by taking part in twinning schemes with their Ethiopian counterparts.

Ms Stewart, of Home Park Road, launched the organisation in 2008 after collecting unwanted stationery from her own teenage son.

She said in Ethiopia, where 70 per cent of the population is under 21, education was highly valued and appreciated by those lucky enough to attend school.

She said: “These kids are lucky to start school with one pencil, so these pencil cases are like gold dust to them.”

A fundraising evening will take place tonight at the Dundonald Congregation Church in Fairlawn Road, Wimbledon.

It will feature a presentation about the charity, as well as a sale of Ethiopian gifts and food.

To book a place email pastornigel19@yahoo.co.uk.

For more information visit projectpencil case.org.