The first drive thru Burger King restaurant to be opened in the UK has closed.

The Burger King at the bottom of Sutton High Street, which opened on October 14, 1986, was shut by the fast food giant on December 31.

A spokesperson said: "In the course of normal business, we continuously review our restaurant portfolio and make strategic decisions based on many factors including development opportunities, market conditions, restaurant profitability, lease length and overall brand presence."

It is understood the restaurant was owned as a franchise, but it is unclear what will happen to the building.

Sutton Chamber of Commerce quickly moved to dispel fears a major business chain moving from Sutton town centre was a sign businesses, including restaurants in the area, were struggling.

Director of Sutton Chamber of Commerce Anthea Lashley-Small, said: "We do know that the town centre has attracted numerous and diverse restaurants, the most recent being Brasserie Vacherin and Zizzi recently re-opening after refurbishment. So business is still thriving in Sutton."

She added: "In general, competition is getting tougher, and taste palates are becoming more discerning and the proliferation of cooking shows and home dinner parties has re-introduced the art of home cooking."

Martin Furtauer-Hayes, Sutton Town Centre Manager, said: "While the closure of any town centre business is of concern, we are hopeful that the site will not be empty for long.

"The council can provide support and advice to any businesses interested in taking over the premises."