A well-known parrot was stolen on Sunday night from a pet store in Ewell.

Charlie, a 15-year-old African Grey, was forcibly taken from his cage at Pets Choice on Epsom road by the thieves.

The bird was hand-reared in the store and is much-loved by customers and staff alike.

Store manager Charlotte Luker, who has known Charlie for 14 years, said: “We are all really sad and desperate for his return.

“Many of our regular customers know him really well, and he imitates the sounds of the shop.

“He can do old and young voices, so people find it really amusing.”

It is believed that the parrot was stolen to order, as they can reach as much as £1,000 when sold privately.

Miss Luker added: “We think it’s a professional job as nothing else was disturbed in the store and thieves entered through the front.”

Charlie is believed to be very stressed, due to the fact that he is not used to being handled.

Parrots, which are highly intelligent, are very susceptible to stress and can be affected by new experiences and new people.

A suitable reward will be offered for any information resulting in his successful recapture.

Please contact the shop on 020 8393 0904 with any information.