A team of teenage campaigners dedicated to warning young people of the dangers of gangs and crime have won two awards in the last month.

Lives Not Knives, started by former Croydon Champion Eliza Rebeiro, received a Diana Certificate of Excellence for their work in the community.

Made up of 12-18 year olds, they have campaigned against gang culture and violent knife crime since Eliza set up the group in 2007. The award was handed over at Canary Wharf on December 17.

It has followed only days after the group received a Philip Lawrence Award, which took place at London's BAFTA on Tuesday December 7.

A number of celebrities were in attendance, including Will Young and the Duchess of Kent.

Eliza said: “I founded the youth campaign in July 2007 at the age of 14. The toll of teenagers being stabbed due to youth crime and gang culture made an impact on me.

"This is my chance to say thank you to the Guardian my local press for supporting me, local MPs and the Croydon Council.”