One of Wimbledon's town centre's major roads was closed off this evening after an electrical emergency.

Worple Road was closed in both directions after what appeared to be a power cut as lights appeared to go out at about 7pm this evening.

But the reason for the loss of power appears to be an underground electrical fault which required emergency repairs.

Police cordoned off access to Worple Road from Wimbledon Hill Road until it was reopened at about 8.30pm.

James Triesman, a Wimbledon resident on his way to the station, said: "There was power out on one side of the road by the Alexandra pub and the Hand and Racket pub.

"The police had cordoned off the road opposite, towards where the entrance to Sainsbury's is.

"There were no crashed cars or ambulances or signs of an accident."

A spokesman for Wimbledon fire station said they had attended the scene when it was first reported, but left after the area was deemed secure.

It is not yet known what was the cause of the underground electrical fault.

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