We do not normally run editor’s notes in the Surrey Comet, but the Rose Theatre story is one of such huge importance we felt it important to have a say.

Having served Kingston for more than 10 years I have been lucky enough to see the Rose Theatre open its doors, after decades of hard work and sacrifice.

When Charter Quay opened it was one of the premiere riverside developments of recent years, and the Rose Theatre was the icing on the cake. Then the money was needed.

It would have been wrong at the time to sacrifice what so many had spent years working toward, and economically things were looking good.

We have a very different situation today and, whether councillors decide to support the extra cash, or effectively end Kingston’s theatre dream, will be one of the toughest decisions they have ever made.

It is a balancing act – does the luxury of having a theatre, and the work that went in to opening it, outweigh the impact of cuts on people who will lose their job or the services currently being provided to them?

Whatever the decision, I would like to thank the theatre and the council for so far being upfront about what is happening.

Armed with all the information, people will be able to make reasoned considerations and give their opinions.

In the coming weeks we will be asking for more information about the costs of running the Rose, the money made from various productions and the plan to make money in coming years.

The more honest everyone is with the situation, the more likely we are to get the best result for everyone