The distraught girlfriend of a man killed by a drunk driver made a plea on his birthday for motorists not to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

Steven Moore, 25, died from serious head injuries after a car being chased by a police van smashed in to his vehicle at a Carshalton junction on January 17 this year.

His killer, Kirby Harty, 29, from Clapham, was jailed in August for eight years for causing death by dangerous driving.

He was more than twice the legal limit for driving after boozing on spirits at Sutton nightclub Chicago's.

Mr Moore's girlfriend Carly Lewin, 29, who still visits his grave daily, said her life had been ripped apart and she would never get over his death.

But she said she wanted to do something positive on her soul-mate's first birthday since his death, and went on to ITV chat show This Morning on his birthday, December 2, to warn against the dangers of drink-driving.

She backs proposals to ban driving under the influence of any alcohol.

She told the Streatham Guardian: “You read stories in the paper and always think that something like this won't happen to you, it only happens to other people.

“Now I am one of those stories, which is still shocking and unbelievable.

“It has been almost a year since Steven's death and the hurt is still as strong as when Steve died.

“I will never get over it, I will just learn not to show it so much.”

The Cheam Village resident added: “My message is when you drink drive you are not just risking our life, but the lives of other people, and their death will impact the lives of their loved ones so much.”

She spoke at the beginning of the Christmas party season, when most drink drive offences are committed each year.

Miss Lewin, who said she had lost a lot of hair and weight as she struggled to cope with life after Mr Moore's death, visited his grave with his family on his birthday to leave birthday cards and messages.