A businesswoman has come up with a strapping idea to help solve a sartorial slip-up.

Louise Camby, from Tadworth, was tired of the 'baggy knees' look - the unavoidable consequence of wearing boots with tucked in trousers.

After relying on tried and tested methods, she began researching alternatives and dreamt up STRUPZ.

Consisting of a pair of elasticated straps with metal clips on each end that affix to the bottom of the trouser legs, it forms a stirrup to stop the trouser from riding up the leg.

Louise said: “The idea of STRUPZ came to me in October 2008 when I was struggling to tuck my jeans into my boots comfortably.

“The usual solution is to put a thick sock over your jeans first, but this can be uncomfortable. I decided there must be a better way.”

In less than two years since Louise bought the unisex product to the market, Louise has received overwhelming support from local and national outlets.

Among the first to place an order for STRUPZ was Snow + Rock, an outdoor sport and leisure retailer.

She said: “I hope that through what I have achieved in such a short time frame I can inspire others to realise their dreams.”

For more information, log onto www.strupz.co.uk.