A hapless teenage motorist was caught driving without a valid licence after committing two driving offences outside Sutton police station on November 6.

Jamie Fairbrother, 19, blocked off police trying to get out of the station by stopping in the yellow box junction at its exit.

He apologised to them, but then took a phone call on his mobile phone in front of them – from his dad wondering where his car was.

Amazed at what they had seen, the officers stopped him and found he only had a provisional licence.

He told police he had only driven the vehicle to save his dad getting a parking ticket as his father had stopped illegally on the one-way system.

Fairbrother said he was in the front passenger seat when he saw a traffic warden coming, slipped into the driver’s seat and drove off.

At Sutton Magistrates’ Court on November 10, Fairbrother pleaded guilty to using a mobile phone while driving, driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent, having no insurance, and driving not in accordance with his driving licence.

He was ordered to pay a £166 fine and £85 court costs. He received six penalty points.