It was “probably the best cinema experience in the world” for movie-goers in Clapham when Kelly Brook made a surprise live appearance.

The busty beauty stunned the audience at the Clapham Picture House, in Venn Street, when she appeared through a side-door halfway through an advert promoting a partnership between Carlsberg and Sky 3D, in which she was featured.

Cinema-goers broke into applause and cheered as Brook made her way around the cinema with a tray of beers last Wednesday.

After serving drinks to the audience she walked out through the door only to then appear back on the cinema screen to conclude the advert, stating: “Carlsberg don’t do 3D TV, but if they did it would probably be the best 3D TV in the world.”

Front row gazer, Duncan Wallace, said: "I couldn’t believe my eyes when halfway through the advert the door opened and Kelly Brook appeared.

"One minute I was watching her on the cinema screen and then the next she was serving me a Carlsberg! It was most definitely the best cinema experience I’ve ever had."

Brook added: "It was great to see the surprise on people’s faces when I walked into the cinema."

Carlsberg and Sky have teamed up to launch a competition offering consumers the chance to win a Sky 3D package every week until January when they buy promotional packs of Carlsberg and Carlsberg Export.