A Cobham pilot has published his first book, which navigates the highs and lows of starting up a business.

After launching taxhelp.uk.com, 40-year-old James McBrearty, decided to write Chocks Away: Achieving Freedom from the 9 to 5.

The book practical advice on starting a business from scratch, rather than growing an established one, and uses Mr McBrearty’s real-life knowledge, having developed a business of his own.

He said: “My book is about taking control of your own life, about setting your own goals and achieving them.”

Outlining the importance of successful networking, having joined Business Network International (BNI) in 2008, Mr McBrearty said: “I achieved more in six months through the combination of social networking and BNI than in the whole first two years of self employment struggling to find things out myself. Joining networking groups has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Mr McBrearty is a keen private pilot, having logged more than 350 hours in the air.

The book is available to download on Kindle and will soon be available from amazon.co.uk.

Contact him on 0845 6801423 or 07778 060325 or james@taxhelp.uk.com.