The age old Clapham vs Battersea debate may about to be resolved - after a geographically confused supermarket set up a polling station to address the issue.

The recent rebranding of the Asda in Lavender Hill as Asda Clapham succeeded in riling up some sections of the community, who questioned why the name was chosen when the store has an SW11 postcode.

And their outcries appear to have been heard by bosses at the supermarket giant, as a polling station has been open at the store this week asking whether the name should stay or go.

Shaftesbury ward councillor, James Cousins, has spent months waging a one-man war with Asda chiefs over their choice of name.

He said: “Asda's decision is bizarre, especially as they relaunched just two years ago as ‘Clapham Junction, Battersea’ and they have been provided with plenty of evidence that the area is Battersea.

“I can only assume that their refusal to admit their error is either because they are ashamed of their mistake, or, like the original developers of Clapham Junction station, ashamed of Battersea.”

Long-term resident Christine Magroska said: “I don’t like it. It is not Clapham and I object to calling it this. Clapham Junction is Battersea, at least this is what it says on my postcode. I guess they are trying to up-market the area but they definitely should have consulted us first.”

The Clapham vs Battersea battle has been brewing since the rail station opened as Clapham Junction back in 1863.

Battersea was regarded as a poor district while Clapham, a mile east, was more fashionable. It is thought the railway company, to attract an upper class clientele, adopted the name Clapham.

Coun Cousins added: “It's no coincidence that those who believe it's Clapham are often those with weaker ties to the area; new residents, antipodean travellers, Yorkshire based supermarkets.

However, 30-year-old Caroline McMahon, who works opposite Asda, said: “I call the area Clapham. For me Battersea is more Battersea Park and by the river. The name Battersea has a certain dullness about it. Asda Clapham sounds better.”

Asda has defended its decision due to the store’s close proximity to Clapham Junction station.

Store manager Mick Beck said: “Most people I speak to are happy to leave the store name as it is, however, to ensure we’re listening to the views of all our customers we are holding an in-store ballot from Monday 1 to Friday, November 5.

“Customers from all sides of the debate will be able to have their say. We’ll rename the store if necessary, depending on which gets the most votes.”

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