Another week and another penalty shoot out victory for Brentford.

This time it was in British football’s third biggest cup competition, the illustrious Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, and, thanks to the narrow win over Leyton Orient, the Bees have squeezed through to the southern area quarter final.

Beating the Os in the Paint Pot Trophy might not be quite on a par with our disposal of Premiership heavyweights Everton in the League Cup (yes, I will be mentioning it at any given opportunity between now and the end of time) but, after a disastrous start to the season, we might as well enjoy the wins no matter how, where and when they come along.

Hats off to the 1,100 lunatics (Surely ‘loyal supporters’? – Ed) who made it to Brisbane Road on Tuesday night.

I must confess that I never even dreamt about going to the match and, like any forward thinking truant, I prepared a couple of excuses in advance.

A good few years ago I made a vow to stop attending the early rounds of the LDV Autoglass Paint Trophy.

This solemn promise was triggered by a spirit-crushing evening I spent at Griffin Park watching the Bees lose to Walsall on penalties.

I had gone to the game alone, sat through 120 minutes of goalless, turgid football and, although I love watching Brentford more than I love my own children (er, you haven’t got any children – Ed), that night I had an epiphany as I suddenly realised a line had to be drawn somewhere.

Another reason for my Tuesday night no-show was that I was in no hurry to return to Brisbane Road so soon after witnessing Brentford’s utter capitulation to the Os in our league meeting with them only a week or so earlier.

I am still waking in cold sweats at the thought of that baleful night, with all the pointless hoofing and aimless dribbling that it entailed.

I fear it will be a long time before I can pluck up the courage to return to the scene of that particular East End crime.

Thankfully, it sounds like I didn’t miss much. According to Andy Scott the game was “horrific”, or to put it another way, spending an hour and a half watching the sponsor’s product dry would have been more exciting.

Still, it goes without saying that if we make it to the JPT Final, be it the southern area one or the full Wembley shebang, I will be there with my silly hat, painted face and pointless optimism.

As a Bees fan, you don’t get the chance to be labelled a glory hunter very often so hopefully I will be able to grab my chance later this season.