Marcus Bean said Brighton’s winning goal against the Bees on Tuesday night at the Withdean Stadium was a comedy of errors but, for anyone connected with Brentford FC, there is precious little to laugh about at the moment.

If you are going to invoke a Shakespeare play at this juncture then Beano would have been better advised to refer to one of the Bard’s tragedies.

In describing Lua Lua’s goal, he could have said: “That was Hamlet-like defending” or “We came over all Othello there” as the fact that these plays contain their fair of share of murder and suicide would sum up the mood of Bees fans at present.

A reference to Richard III would probably have won first prize, though, as Brentford are currently hobbling like a deranged hunchback towards a winter of discontent (that’s enough Shakespeare – Ed).

Last week’s cup win over Everton already seems like a distant memory as defeats to Leyton Orient and Brighton have left the Bees bottom of League One.

With the exception of the wins over the Scousers, Hull City and Sheffield Wednesday, the team have been dire so far this season, picking up only six points from a possible 27, scoring a pathetic four goals in the process.

After last season’s ninth-place finish and a rash of summer signings, expectations were understandably high but things have gone badly wrong.

The main problem is the fact that an inflexible and direct tactical approach constitutes our Plan A and opposition managers have worked this out.

We need to find a Plan B and quick because when we have played teams such as Orient or Hartlepool, who are more than happy to sit deep and defend, we have not had a clue how to break them down.

Clearly, Andy Scott needs to discover a more succesful tactical formula and, to be fair to him, he has already started the tinkering process by employing a 4-5-1 system, albeit unsuccessfully, against Brighton, but time really is of the essence.

There has been a fair amount of opposition to our gaffer at the games and on the message boards recently.

I can understand and sympathise with some of the criticism that has headed his way – he has himself admitted that his job is on the line if things don’t improve and I am sure that is the case.

Yet, I believe he deserves a chance to try and turn things around - surely the success he has brought to our club in a short space of time has earned him that right?