An MP has lambasted a national newspaper for “spreading lies” while at the same time using its glowing review of his career to promote himself.

Lib Dem Health Minister Paul Burstow told his colleagues at this week’s party conference the national Guardian news-paper was a “spreader of misinformation”.

But his website’s biography quotes a 2003 Guardian article that described him as one of the most influential people in public services and social policy in its Influencers 100.

Mr Burstow, who represents Sutton and Cheam, was responding to a question about Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s plan for NHS reform when he made the comments.

A delegate asked why his party was supporting it when it was not in the coalition agreement.

Mr Burstow responded: “I would encourage people to stop reading the Guardian, because the Guardian is a spreader of misinformation and lies.

“Do not believe them. Look at the documents yourself. I think you will see we are delivering liberal ideas.”

However, Mr Burstow’s website quotes the Guardian’s description of him in full.

It stated he was “one of the most knowledgeable and effective politicians on older people’s issues”, who “constantly wrongfoots ministers and has played a key role in exposing scandals of over-medication and elder abuse”.